Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Day one comming up

So here´s the plan guys. I´m just coming back from a 3 week vacation with no gym and no dieting at all.. I hope I´ll get back in shape soon so I can focus on bulking.


Lifting mondays, wednesdays and fridays. I will follow a simple Push/Pull split routine.
Cardio (and Abs) tuesdays and saturdays.


1 p:m first meal/pre workout meal. Approx 25% of daily calories. High protein, high carbs. On days w/o workout, this will be my biggest meal.

5 p:m second meal/post workout meal. Approx 50% of daily calories. High everything. This meal contains my 300cal post workout shake with Whey, Malto and Creatine.

9 p:m last meal. High protein, moderate carbs, high fat. This will most likely be a big shake with lot´s of protein, some fruits and good fats.

I will start with 2800 calories a day and slowly move up once I get a feeling for this way of eating. This means, my biggest meal will contain about 1400 calories now, probably 1600-1800 later. Let´s see how that works out.. Anyway I will stick to "clean" foods. This way of eating is no excuse for junk food!


Whey Protein, Maltodextrine, Creatine, BCAAs. Maybe I´ll get some casein protein for my last meal.

Tomorow it starts. I just had a small last basicly I´m fasting for like 60 minutes now :D

Intermittent Bulking!

Welcome to my 2nd blog.

This one will be all about my workout and eating routines. I´ve been going to the gym for quite a while now, going from super-skinny to rather strong. Now it´s time to put the finishing moves on. Just a few more pounds of muscles and getting ripped... I give myself till next summer to get it perfect ;-) While I will stick to basic routines when it comes to working out, I want to try the IF method for my food intake.

Intermittent fasting is the new hype in fitness in bodybuilding. In a nutshell, it means you only eat for 8 hours a day and fast 16 hours. It doesn´t really matter if you´re cutting or bulking. This way of eating is healthy and very benefition towords your goals. So I will give it a shot. I like it because it makes everything easier. I dinjt have to eat every three hours, I dont have to walk around on a full stomach all day.. and - so they say - it´s a very good method to stay lean while you bulk.

For a complete description, please check the wiki:

Let´s bulk up!